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September 16: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer The Montreal Protocol The depletion of the ozone layer by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other substances was one of the most pressing environmental problems of the 1980s. The International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer commemorates the signing of the Montreal Protocol on Sept. 16, 1987. The agreement entered into force in January 1989. […]
Refrigerants, Naturally! calls to further strenghthen the endavours of the revised F-Gas regulation Revising the Regulation (EU) 517/2014 represents a considerable opportunity for setting the framework for climate-friendly and ecologically sound alternatives to F-gases. The accelerated phase out of F-gases and the phase-in of natural refrigerants result in significant climate and environmental benefits which need to be realised to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement, enhanced and […]
RefNat4LIFE e-learning courses on sustainable cooling solutions are now online Are you looking for climate friendly cooling and heating solutions in the small food retail sector? Efficient appliances that help reduce cost and greenhouse gas emissions are available. Get informed on technical solutions using natural refrigerants, legal matters, the political background and approaches towards sustainable stores with our self-paced free online courses compiled of short […]
Interview with Thomas Trevisan from Belgian ATMOsphere (formerly shecco) – a global, independent market accelerator with a mission to clean up cooling In this series, RefNat4LIFE project partners give insight into their motivation to engage in sustainable RACHP. This time, we talked to Thomas Trevisan of the Belgian-headquartered ATMOsphere – a global market accelerator with a mission to promote the transition to more sustainable, natural refrigerant cooling technologies. Claudia Becker (HEAT GmbH): Thomas, how can relevant actors […]
Webinars on sustainable cooling Join the upcoming webinars of our partners in the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal! Learn more on activities in the Netherlands in a joint webinar on Sustainability of small-scale cooling with Natural Refrigerants in The Netherlands, organized by Stichting Emissiepreventie Koudetechniek (STEK) and Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Koude (KNVvK), scheduled for 06.04.2022, 19.00-20.30 h. In this […]
Refrigerants Naturally represented at Refrigeration Congress in the Netherlands November 4, 2021, the Dutch “Koudecongres” (Refrigeration Congress) took place in The Netherlands, organised by the Royal Dutch Association of Refrigeration together with Vakmedianet Publishers. This congress was attended by more than 175 manufacturers, contractors, engineering and installation companies, end-users, consultants, academia and students from the RACHP sector. Central theme of this year’s congress was […]
Stepping up ambition: The EU F-Gas Regulation under review The EU regulation which organises the phase-down of fluorinated gases in the European Union (Regulation (EU) 517/2014) is currently under review. This process is an opportunity to accelerate the phase-out of HFCs and pave the way for a more widespread use of natural refrigerants. Consultancy firms have carried out an in-depth evaluation on behalf of […]
A perfect fit: Good (organic) food and cool stores Why are natural refrigerants a perfect fit for small, organic retailers? It’s as simple as that: combined with high energy efficiency, they reduce a store’s heating and cooling GHG emissions to a minimum, forming a key component of a store or retailer’s sustainability strategy. The Refrigerants, Naturally! 4 LIFE (RefNat4LIFE) project supports the switch to […]
Dutch Organic Store’s First CO₂ Installation Comes with Four-Year Payback Period Only “Ekoplaza is focusing on natural refrigerants and energy savings and aims to be 100% converted to natural refrigerants in the future.” About the store Ekoplaza (part of the Udea Group) started in 1980 as an organic neighbourhood supermarket in Amsterdam. It has since grown into a retail chain with 83 stores and 39 pick-up locations […]
How technicians can support small store owners - Interview with Matthias Schmitt In this series, RefNat4LIFE project partners give insight into their motivation to engage in sustainable RACHP. This time, we have talked to Dr. Matthias Schmitt of the German “BIV” – the association representing the companies responsible for the design, installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in Germany. Claudia Becker (HEAT GmbH): Matthias, […]
Interview with Jaime Ferreira, director of RefNat4LIFE project partner Agrobio (Portugal) In this series, RefNat4LIFE project partners give insight into their experience and motivation to engage in sustainable RACHP. This time, we have talked to Jaime Ferreira, director of Agrobio, the Portuguese Association of Organic Agriculture. Claudia Becker (HEAT GmbH): What are the main challenges for the small (organic) food retail sector with regard to sustainable cooling? Jaime […]