Sustainable cooling for Europe’s small food retail stores

The Refrigerants, Naturally! for LIFE project (RefNat4LIFE) aims to promote the uptake of climate-friendly cooling alternatives among end users of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) equipment and servicing providers throughout Europe. 

This website also serves country-specific information for Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal.

How sustainable is your store?

Our free online store check provides a tool to quantify your store’s emissions and identify potential savings. A brief report at the end of the survey provides you with feedback on your store’s performance in different categories. Recommendations for improvement and links to detailed information are given.  

Product finder for sustainable RACHP appliances

Are you looking for climate friendly cooling and heating solutions in the small food retail sector? Efficient appliances that help reduce cost and greenhouse gas emissions are available. Our product finder provides an overview of vertical display cabinets, horizontal cabinets, beverage coolers and ice cream freezers using natural refrigerants.

Training directory

Search our database to find courses and training material for or RACHP engineers and servicing companies on sustainable cooling in Europe. Which natural refrigerant would you like to learn more about?

Service portals

For store owners and small food retailers

Access key information regarding sustainable retail cooling technology: policy, technology, inventory and decision-making.

For RACHP servicing companies

Access key information regarding sustainable retail cooling technology for your clients: Relevant regulations, market developments, climate friendly equipment checklists, and more.

RefNat4Life! publications

  • Project report: Our public report, entitled ‘Sustainable cooling in Europe’s small food retail’, shares the first-ever approximation on RACHP-related emissions in Europe.
  • Communication materials: Access and share RefNat4Life! communication material such as newsletters and webinar recordings, as well as our overview flyer
  • Case studies: Find interesting examples of stores that have successfully converted to using natural refrigerant based RACHP systems.


About the project

The project consortium consists of 8 partners from across Europe, bringing together organic retail associations, experts and technicians of the refrigeration sector and market developers.

We’re funded by the EU’s LIFE Programme to address the EU policy priorities of Climate Governance and Information (CGI) and Climate Change Mitigation (CCM).