A perfect fit: Good (organic) food and cool stores

Why are natural refrigerants a perfect fit for small, organic retailers? It’s as simple as that: combined with high energy efficiency, they reduce a store’s heating and cooling GHG emissions to a minimum, forming a key component of a store or retailer’s sustainability strategy. The Refrigerants, Naturally! 4 LIFE (RefNat4LIFE) project supports the switch to climate friendly cooling in Europe’s small, organic food retail sector. Project manager Britta Paetzold presented the projects’ goals and activities at the Virtual Trade Show for Natural Refrigerants (#ATMO_VTS) in March.

The Belgian Colruyt Group has gained valuable experience in switching to natural refrigerants in small and large stores alike, and is encouraging others to follow suit. Collin Bootsveld shared their experiences during the webinar. The Refrigerants, Naturally! association offers a platform for joint commitment in support of the most environmentally friendly refrigerants – natural refrigerants. Find out more about what the association has to offer and their vision for the future. 

Watch the webinar recording here: