Refrigerants, Naturally! calls to further strenghthen the endavours of the revised F-Gas regulation

Revising the Regulation (EU) 517/2014 represents a considerable opportunity for setting the framework for climate-friendly and ecologically sound alternatives to F-gases. The accelerated phase out of F-gases and the phase-in of natural refrigerants result in significant climate and environmental benefits which need to be realised to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement, enhanced and ambitious mitigation reductions and safeguarding significant ecological co-benefits.

Refrigerants, Naturally! welcomes the increased climate ambition of the proposed regulation compared to the current version, now aligning the phase-down with EU climate targets. However, Refrigerants, Naturally! calls to further strengthen the endeavours of the revised regulation:

  • accelerate the F-gas phase-down in line with the 1.5˚C target
  • implement a sectoral ban for all F-gases in new equipment for heat pumps, room air-conditioners, chillers, and several other specific refrigeration applications
  • integrate the Green Deal Zero Pollution Target: Phase out F-gases to avoid an increase in PFAS in the environment
  • clearly promote the uptake of natural refrigerants as alternatives to F-gases without negative environmental impacts
  • timely introduction of the latest international and European refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump safety standards in the EU
  • ensure the mandatory competence on natural refrigerants in certification programmes and promote the training skills of all technicians, previously certified and new

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